Cheyenne Residents Only!

All my products have been switched to a new shopping cart, to offer you more product variety, more accurate shipping charges, the ability to review products, and some great sales!  Please click here to get to my new store location.

If you live in the city limits of Cheyenne (but not on Warren Air Force Base -- sorry but I don't have base access), you can get free samples and free delivery!

First, make your selections:
Hesitant to buy scented candle products you haven't smelled?  Email your street address and zip to and a couple little decorative tarts will be delivered to your door!
For instructions on making gel air fresheners (smelly jellies) and using fragrance oils, go to the Make Your Own Gel Air Freshener page
For basic information on candle care and wax types, check out my Candle Primer page
Still have questions?  You can always Email and get a prompt response! 

Free delivery is limited to those people living in the city limits of Cheyenne but not on base.  I deliver mostly on Monday evenings.  Just make your selections and go through checkout as usual, but select "local pickup" as the shipping option.  If you live outside the city limits but would like to save shipping charges, you can meet me at Wal-Mart on most Monday evenings at 8:15 to pick up your order.  If you want to do this, be SURE to include an Email address that you actually check!  I will confirm the Monday and give you instructions.  Orders must be placed by Sunday evening for pickup the following Monday.

If you'd like to pay by credit card, go through Paypal checkout.  You have final approval of all orders!  If you are not satisfied when you see them, simply refuse delivery and a refund will be made to your credit card within one business day.  If you are delighted and choose to keep the candles, the shipping charge will still be refunded.  (I can't get Paypal to not apply the shipping charge to local residents.)  All prices include sales tax.

If you'd like to pay by cash, simply Email your order to and include your name, street address, and phone so I can call and set up a delivery time.  If you don't have the exact amount in cash, please let me know.  I will accept checks ONLY if they are printed with the name and address to which I am delivering, and the first order must be for $20 or less.

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