Curb cuts in Laramie Wyoming

Click on the map image to see a full-sized map. These maps are a work in progress. I'm handicapped but like to get around in my electric scooter chair when possible, so I started mapping the curb cuts and sidewalk quality for my own information. Green means it's darn near perfect: smooth sidewalks and curb cuts that I can fly through without paying much attention. Notice how few items are in green. Yellow means it is safely driveable but I need to pay attention. I might have to steer my scooter toward the smallest gap between one sidewalk block and the next, or steer to one part of a curb cut that has a manageable gap between street level and the start of the curb cut. Red means there was something I couldn't get the scooter through, usually a height gap between one sidewalk block and the next, or between the street pavement or curb cut and gutter level.

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