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I normally have at least two of everything in stock except for the Gemstone Pentagons, which I just have 1 of each size in stock. If you would like to make sure I can fill an order before placing it, feel free to email me using the link at left. I normally respond within 12 hours except for Sundays. If you don't see the product that you want here, check the "Special Order" item. I am delighted to sell all of Pati's line, but some items only sell occasionally so I don't keep them in stock. Do you love the look of Grandmother's Flower Garden but dread the basting and ripping of traditional English paper piecing? You'll be thrilled by this inventive and easy approach! After seeing it demonstrated on "Simply Quilts," I tracked down Pati Shambaugh and started carrying her Quilt Patis. Basically, they are plastic hexagons with a hole in the middle. (If you're tempted to save money by making your own, be my guest -- the tiny variations between hand-cut templates add up to aggravating differences between finished hexagons that you're trying to stitch together and you'll soon be back here to order Pati's originals!) I mostly use the 1" hexagons (meaning each side is 1" long), which use 2-1/2"-square pieces of fabric -- great for scraps. After each side of the hexagon has been stitched to another hexagon, the quilt pati is simple to pop out and reuse! No ripping! Easy instructions come with each package. This has become my standard handwork-to-take-along project and the result looks beautiful. I've written a detailed guide, click here if you'd like to see it. You are also invited to join a Yahoogroup to discuss using Quilt Patis, whether you purchase from me or not.

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