I definitely like this eBook reader, and I’ve been able to download many titles from Gutenberg to use with it. But I have a few books that I like to re-read enough to fuss with getting them into a readable eBook format, so I tried that tonight. I’m not sure how, but I found a Plucker site that included what sounded like files to convert .html files into Plucker-readable files. I found the descriptions seriously unclear but downloaded the “Plucker Desktop Installer Package” and installed it on my Windows 7 laptop. But from there on, I was stumped. I started reading the help file and got as far as running Python to parse the file and gave up. I don’t know what Python is or how to install it or what I needed the “Plucker Desktop Installer Package” for if Python was going to “parse” it. The download page had mentioned what sounded like an easier-to-use program, SunriseXP, so I downloaded and installed that. (Unsurprisingly, the SunriseXP page included a warning that “This product has reached the end of its lifespan and will no longer be updated” but I didn’t care as long as it worked.) The original download page included a link to a SunriseXP tutorial that I started working through. And I was able to convert one web page with some old detective stories into what I hoped was a Plucker-readable file. But when I copied it onto my PDA, Vade Mecum didn’t recognize it as a Plucker file. I edited the filename to the same format as the Gutenberg files that it *has* recognized but still no go.

Since Vade Mecum does recognize the Gutenberg files, it’s not like I will lack reading material for this program. But I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to create my own.

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