I am totally hooked on getting subscriptions to my Kindle via Calibre now, and it motivated me to tackle something I’ve been eyeing for months: an RSS feed. Since I was able to get Calibre to subscribe to some periodicals and painlessly (and automagically) email them to my Kindle, if Calibre is an RSS reader and I can figure out how to use it, I could subscribe to RSS sites and blogs as well. That motivated me to overcome my fear of RSS and intimidation by Calibre and see if it was possible.

Fortunately for my budget, I bought the WiFi Kindle 3 instead of the 3G version. I had wanted the 3G version, but it was more expensive. The 3G version has wider-ranging Internet access, but with WiFi at my home and in more and more hotels and restaurants, I don’t anticipate I’ll be going anywhere that I would be without WiFi access, and receiving Kindle-formatted documents via WiFi is free. The 3G version charges for most deliveries.

I googled RSS feed and was drowned in hits, but while I finally figured out that RSS is just a standard so different readers can use the same material, I didn’t find anything about using Calibre as an RSS reader. So I posted my question on the Amazon Kindle discussion board. As often happens, some helpful people with more experience with Calibre jumped in and told me just what to do. It turned out to be fairly straightforward, once I was told that the important part was to copy the RSS link into the URL box under “Add custom news source” and I could “name” it whatever I wanted.

The next entry contains detailed instructions for those who need straightforward “click here and type this” instructions like I did!