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Published by sylvia on 11 Feb 2009

Baking with plastic

My DH (H is Husband, D is sometimes Dear and sometimes something else) is a major pizza fanatic. Eat-in, takeout, grocery store, or homemade, he loves it all. What none of us likes is cleaning off the fixings that always seem to burn onto the pan. Yuck!

So for Christmas, I got him a silicone pizza baking sheet. It’s really pretty weird, there is some kind of rigid wire running around the edge to keep it flat but the silicone itself is quite soft and flexible. He insisted that you can’t put plastic in the oven, and I had difficulty persuading him that this plastic was MEANT to go in the oven.

He finally tried it, confident that we would have melted plastic stuck all over the oven and he could say “I told you so.” Of course, any of you who have baked with silicone know what happened. The pizza cooked perfectly and slid off the (intact) pizza sheet,  not leaving any burned bits behind.

DH is now a silicone fan and uses his pizza sheets to bake anything that will fit, including biscuits. But he still gives them a leery look whenever he realizes (again) that he is baking with plastic.

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Published by sylvia on 03 May 2008

Tragedy: no brownies

We need brownies.

This doesn’t sound like much of a problem. Just mix some up and bake them, right?

Not exactly. The mixer arm to my Oster Kitchen Center hasn’t reappeared since we moved over a year ago. I bought a replacement on ebay which my son dropped a spoon into. Clue: OKC mixer arms aren’t designed to stand up to having a spoon dropped into the beaters while running. I bought another replacement on ebay. It doesn’t work. So, while the OKC works very well for its other functions (blender, chopper, salad shooter, even ice cream maker) it is useless to mix up brownie batter.

It’s not that the house falls apart when we don’t have brownies. It’s probably been months since anyone made brownies (partially because we don’t have a mixer, see above). But right now, we need brownies. (Okay, I need brownies. But when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.)

DH keeps saying he can mix up batter by hand. But he has disappeared into his office and hasn’t responded to my announcement that we need brownies.

So there are no brownies in the Steiger house. <sigh>